For Current Students

Music Department Instrument Loans



Scheduling a Student Recital (to be completed at minimum 4 weeks prior to desired date):

  1. Faculty member reserves the desired venue with Kevin Viscariello, either via email or through Rutgers ArtSpace.
    • For solo, chamber, joint, or composition recitals-the primary lesson instructor completes this step.
    • For lecture-recitals, the lecture-recital advisor completes this step.
  2. Student fills out the online form using the appropriate link below:
  3. Christopher Delgado emails the professors listed on the submitted online form. The faculty members must reply with a confirmation.
  4. Approximately one week prior to the recital date, Chris will send the completed program and parking info to the student and primary lesson instructor.

Recitals may not be scheduled during any of the following times:

  1. Before the start of the 3rd week of the fall semester
  2. Before the 2nd week of the spring semester
  3. After the last day of classes in the fall and spring semester
  4. During reading days, final exam period, or when school is not in session for holiday breaks or Winter, Spring, or Summer Breaks



Fewer than X business days before recital date Fee
20 business days (4 weeks) $25
15 business days (3 weeks) $50
10 business days (2 weeks) $100
5 business days (1 week) Recital cancelled + $100