Graduate Students

General Important Information


Rutgers New Brunswick Help Desk: or Hill Center, Room 013, Busch Campus. Phone: 732-445-HELP (4357); fax: 732-445-2021


The myRutgers portal ( is a web-based information portal that provides central access to a variety of online services such as:

  • Registering for classes
  • Checking grades
  • Checking financial-aid status
  • Purchasing a parking permit
  • Changing personal access codes (PAC)
  • Updating email and home addresses used for official notifications

Computer labs

The New Brunswick campuses feature 15 computer labs with more than 800 computers spread across the four campuses. The computers in these labs are available to assist students with their academic and personal computing needs. The labs provide Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as a wide variety of software, printing, and scanners. A specialized digital media lab is available on the Busch Campus for high-end graphics and video projects. Student consultants staff each of the labs to assist with questions and problems. All computer lab locations and information on hours, employment opportunities, and printing services, can be found here.

Personal computers

Many students bring laptops for the convenience of portability, but desktops are also popular in the residence halls. The university does not require specific brands, models or configurations in order to receive support and assistance. If you are planning to buy a computer in the near future, Rutgers has negotiated educational discounts on computers and accessories.  Rutgers University Computer Repair is available for students who want to have their personal computer serviced on campus. Rutgers University Computer Repair offers warranty repairs on selected computer equipment. If your equipment is not covered by a warranty, you may still obtain repairs at reasonable rates.

Free/discounted software

The University Software Portal provides free, site-licensed and academic software for purchase and download at discounted prices.  Popular categories include operating systems, office suites, utility applications, and mathematical packages. Under the Microsoft Student Select program, students can purchase Microsoft Office at a discounted rate.  All students are eligible to receive free anti-virus software. Rutgers offers a managed anti-virus solution called RADS (Rutgers Antivirus Delivery Service). RADS keeps your computer up-to-date with the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software from Trend Micro’s OfficeScan Suite of applications.

Internet access

Access to the Rutgers Network and the Internet is available:

  • Through RUWireless: designated wireless hot spots are available in all student centers, larger libraries, many dining halls, and some academic and administrative buildings.
  • Through ResNet: a high-speed wired connection is available in the residence halls. Students just need to register their computer and pass ruCompliant (which verifies that the computer is up-to-date with operating-system patches, anti-virus software and is virus free). For detailed instructions on how to connect your computer in the residence halls, please visit


Office of Financial Aid
Records Hall, College Avenue Campus
Phone: 732-932-7057; fax: 732-932-7385
Office hours: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. weekdays

Financial aid

The primary objective of the Office of Financial Aid is to assist students and families in planning for and meeting expenses associated with attendance at the university. This includes establishing aid eligibility; awarding scholarships, grants, loans,and employment to eligible students; and providing financial aid counseling to students and families for the resolution of problems associated with financing an education. The office serves as the primary advocate for students and families, assisting them in securing necessary financial resources.

There are three forms of financial assistance available to graduate students: merit-based fellowships, assistantships and scholarships, need-based grants, loans, and employment, and non-need-based loans. For more information regarding specific merit-based award programs, contact your dean’s office.

Student accounting and cashiering
Records Hall, College Avenue Campus
Phone: 732-932-2254, Fax: 732-932-1893
Office hours: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. weekdays The primary objective of the Student Accounting and Cashiering Office is to insure the proper billing of students' accounts and provide professional, prompt, courteous services on an individual basis to students resolving financial problems. We generate the charges on your student account including your tuition, fees, housing, dining, miscellaneous charges, and course-related fees. Your payments, financial aid credits, tuition remission and waivers are applied to your student account for every semester that you attend the university.  We interact and coordinate services provided to you by other departments, including the Offices of Financial Aid, Registrar, Housing and Dining. Our office bills you for your semester tuition and fee charges, processes payments and applies credits to your account, including financial aid. Our Cashier’s Office collects payments and distributes refund checks to students. All official correspondence from the university is addressed to the student and mailed to the permanent home address and/or email address on file with the university. Each student is responsible for ensuring that his/her address and emergency contact information is valid in order to receive important correspondence and official notices from the university.

Term bills

Term bills are mailed in mid-July and must be paid by the date specified on the bill, which is usually August 6 for the fall semester and by January 3 for spring semester charges. If you have registered and have not received a term bill, you may view your tuition and fee charges online at You will need your Rutgers student ID number and your personal access code (PAC) to access your account.  From the website, you can print a duplicate copy of your term bill, or pay via the web by electronic check with no service fee or by credit card with a convenience fee. You may also enroll in one of our many partial-payment-plan options through the website. For more information, call Student Accounting customer service at 732-932-2254. All students must return the Attendance Confirmation/Payment form on the bottom of the term bill to confirm they are attending for each semester. Even if you are receiving financial aid and have a zero balance, you will need to mail the bottom portion of the bill to the Cashier’s Office. If you do not pay your term bill or confirm your attendance by the due date as stated on your bill, your student account will be accessed a late-payment fee of $125. If your term bill remains unpaid after the start of classes, your course registration will be canceled. After cancellation, you will be required to reregister in person and pay additional late fees.

Tuition and fees

The Rutgers University Board of Governors sets tuition and fee rates for the academic year during their meeting in July. You can estimate your college costs by using the current rate amounts or by using the tuition and fee estimator.  

Partial-payment plan

Rutgers University offers a variety of partial-payment-plan options which allow you to pay your annual term bill charges in convenient monthly installments. The plan is interest free, with a $50 enrollment fee to join, which includes tuition protection insurance on the plan member at no additional cost.  


If you are receiving a non-University scholarship, the foundation that is awarding the scholarship to you can send the scholarship check or letter of intent at the beginning of the fall semester to: Student Accounting Office
Records Hall, Room 138, College Avenue Campus
Rutgers University
620 George St.
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1175
The scholarship must not be contingent upon your fall semester grades in order to be credited to your term bill. Student Accounting will acknowledge receipt of scholarship check and/or follow up with foundation for any additional information needed. If you are receiving a departmental scholarship through the university, the department will send a letter to the Student Accounting Office, and your account will be credited for the awarded amount. For more information, call the Student Accounting Help Desk at 732-932-2254.

Student employment
Records Hall, Room 202, College Avenue Campus
Office hours: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. weekdays Rutgers University has a student employment web site that can direct you to jobs both on and off campus; check it out at Information is included for both the Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) and non-FWSP employment.


On-campus housing
There are two types of on-campus housing available for Graduate Students: Single Graduate and Family Housing. This website will provide you with links to a Graduate Student Housing Guide, as well as an application form. 

Off-campus housing
542 George St., College Avenue Campus
The Rutgers Off-Campus Housing Service is a specialized information resource center for the Rutgers Community. All listings and services are available online and include apartment, house, room and roommate listings and informational resources. The Off-Campus Housing Service provides advice about assessing housing needs and setting priorities. The service can also assist with problems that arise after a student has found housing. Interested students should begin looking for off-campus housing several months before they plan to move; contact the Off-Campus Housing Service for the best times to begin searching. Information and services include:

  • Online housing and roommate searches
  • Educational workshops (free for student organizations)
  • Landlord/tenants’ rights information
  • Landlord/tenant complaint record resolution assistance
  • Home security and fire-safety checklists
  • Copies of model subleases, inspection forms, co-tenant agreements another helpful information

Health services

Medical services
Providing Rutgers students with high-quality, confidential medical care that has been accredited by the Joint Commission for more than 20 years, the doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses in our three health centers specialize in the health-care needs of the college population. Medical services include primary health care, acute injury and illness, women’s health, men’s health, sports medicine, physicals, travel clinic, immunizations, allergy injections, and more.

Counseling and psychological services
Counseling and Psychological Services offers psychological counseling, substance abuse assistance with our Alcohol and other Drug Assistance Program for Students, and psychiatric care. CAPS helps students cope with personal problems and realize their personal and educational potential through individual and group counseling, psychiatric consultation, alcohol and substance abuse services, educational workshops, consultation and training, and self-help resources. Privacy is carefully guarded.

Rutgers Pharmacy, in the Hurtado Health Center, is a full retail pharmacy for students, faculty and staff.  The Rutgers TelePharmacy brings prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and medication counseling by registered pharmacists to students on the Busch and Cook/Douglass campuses. Many prescription plans are accepted, and payment options include cash, check, credit card, RU Express and bursar billing.

Student health insurance
In partnership with Aetna Student Health, several health-insurance plans are offered to students. Full-time students are covered by Health Services Plus Plan as part of the university’s fees. The plan covers visits to the health center and includes a modest insurance benefit, which is secondary to any other applicable medical insurance, with coverage up to $5,000 for referrals, ER visits, lab tests, etc. Limited fees may apply to selected medical services. Part-time students may purchase coverage or pay free-for-service for medical services on campus. Students without other medical insurance coverage are encouraged to purchase additional coverage under Plan 1 or Plan 2. Visit for more information, or call 732-932-8285, ext. 266.

Mail and post offices

Visit this website for information on mail and post offices. You will need your NetID and password to access information about your Rutgers Postal Box.

Disability services

To request accommodations under ADA/Section 504, visit the website above or contact Dr. Gregory Moorehead, the Disability Services Director, at the above number or at

Campus safety
The Rutgers Division of Administration and Public Safety is responsible for responding to all emergencies, suspicious activities, crimes, security and safety concerns, and parking and transportation challenges. The goal of every member of our department is to provide for a safe, enjoyable and fulfilling university experience. The Rutgers University Police Department employs state-certified, armed police officers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Blue-light emergency phones are placed throughout the campus to provide a direct link to the Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatch Center 24 hours a day. If you need to report a crime, a fire, a medical emergency, or request an escort, simply pick up the phone to be directed to a public safety telecommunicator. In 2007, the Cameras for Safety project was initiated and added to the 1,400 cameras installed throughout the university. These cameras are intended to prevent, detect, and record events that violate university regulations and municipals, state, or federal laws. The Emergency Services Department employs trained firefighters, incident managers, emergency medical technicians, hazardous-material technicians and instructors. The department will respond to you in the event that emergency medical service is needed. Primary responsibilities include emergency response, fire inspections and public safety education statewide. In support of emergency preparedness for large-scale emergencies, the DPS created the Office of Emergency Management. The efforts of our law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical, hazardous materials, local, state, and government resources are coordinated through this office. For more information on campus safety please visit the website.

Student centers
Rutgers University is home to six student centers where students can catch a bite to eat, watch TV, study, or relax. The student centers provide programs, services, and facilities that encourage the free expression of ideas and promote the social, cultural, educational, and recreational interests of the campus community as well as offer part-time employment and leadership opportunities. All centers have lounges, places to eat, ATMs, meeting rooms, and Student Life staff offices.

Dean's office

Mandy Feiler, Dean of Students
Civic Square Building
33 Livingston Ave.

The Mason Gross Dean’s Office is the main administrative office for Mason Gross School of the Arts. The staff, working in conjunction with employees of each of the four departments, is responsible for the fundraising, promotional, and business management activities of the school. It is also a main hub for students to clarify any academic concerns.


Robert Grohman
Marryott Music Building, Rm 205
81 George Street
The Music Department offers a special Graduate Student Handbook with much of the information here, as well as information on practice facilities, lockers, registration for classes and others.


Carol Thompson
Walters Hall Room 222
732-932-9891, ext. 11

Art & Design

Daonne Huff
Civic Square Building
33 Livingston Ave.