Visitor Parking Information

**All visitors must register their vehicles in order to park in Rutgers University lots and parking decks.**

Use the links below to register your vehicle for parking. Click the appropriate link which corresponds to the month of the event you wish to attend.

Spring 2020 - Nights and Weekends (not including events at Kirkpatrick Chapel)

Spring 2020 - Weekdays (not including events at Kirkpatrick Chapel)

April 2020 – Kirkpatrick Chapel

May 2020 – Kirkpatrick Chapel



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I register my vehicle?

    Please use the links above to register your vehicle for parking. Parking is based on the semester of the event that you are attending. For instance, if you are attending an event at any time during the fall 2019 semester in Nicholas Music Center, Victoria J Mastrobuono Theater, Levin Theater, Loree Studio Theater, Voorhees Chapel, Shindell Choral Hall, or Schare Recital Hall, register your vehicle using the Fall 2019 – MGPAC link. For events at Kirkpatrick Chapel at any time during the fall 2019 semester, register your vehicle using the Fall 2019 – Kirkpatrick Chapel link.
    *Do not click the "Search Events" button.*


  • What information do I need in order to register my vehicle?

    In order to register your vehicle, you will need to know the state of your license plate (i.e. New Jersey or Pennsylvania), License Plate Number (for permanent plates only), VIN (for temporary or paper plates only), and the make, style, and color of your vehicle.

  • When should I register my vehicle?

    Registration may begin as soon as the links become available and are valid for the full semester.

  • Do I need to pay to park?

    No, you do not need to pay to park using this registration. However, you must register before the event or you may receive a citation from Rutgers University Department of Transportation.

  • If I am attending an event on the weekend or after 5 p.m., do I still need to register?

    Yes, all visitors must register vehicles in order to park in the designated RU lots for your performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • What’s the earliest time I can park my vehicle for an event?

    The designated parking areas will be available for parking 60 minutes before the start of the performance.

  • Where can I park my vehicle?

    RU Lots 79, 79A (Hickman Hall), and Douglass Parking Deck
    Accessible parking is available in designated spaces adjacent to Nicholas Music Center & lot 79A in front of Hickman Hall.

    Loree Dance Theater
    70 Lipman Drive
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    *Located inside Loree Gym


    Mason Gross Performing Arts Center
    85 George Street
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    Douglass Campus (Between Ryders Lane and Route 18)

    Nicholas Music Center
    Philip J. Levin Theater
    Rehearsal Hall 104 (inside Nicholas Music Center)
    Richard H. Shindell Choral Hall
    Robert E. Mortensen Hall
    Voorhees Chapel

    RU Lots 1, 11, 16, or New Brunswick public parking
    Accessible parking is available in designated spaces in between the Chapel & the Old Queens building

    Kirkpatrick Chapel
    81 Somerset Street
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    *On the corner of George Street and Somerset Street

  • If my license plate is temporary or paper, do I still need to register my vehicle?

    Yes, you still must register your vehicle using the VIN.

  • Can I use these links to register my car for an event that is not related to MGPAC?

    No, the links above are only designated for events related to the Mason Gross Performing Arts Center. This does not apply to events that are curated by renters or departments of the school. Events that are not included in the registration links on these pages include, but are not limited to, performances in Jameson Theater or Little Theater, student recitals, commencement ceremonies, venue rentals, open houses, conferences, public lectures, dress rehearsals, audition days, recruitment events, departmental tours, workshops, drop-in days, showcases, intensives, or choral festivals. For questions regarding parking arrangements for any of the above listed events, contact the sponsoring department or division. For other questions on if your event is covered under the Mason Gross Performing Arts Center's visitor parking registrations, please call the ticket office at 848-932-7511.

  • I need to use a handicap-accessible parking space. Do I still need to register?

    Yes, all visitors must register their vehicles.

  • I am a faculty/staff member or student of Rutgers University.

    All faculty, staff, and students of Rutgers University must follow the policies according to the lot assignment authorized by their particular permits. Details can be found here.

  • My question is not listed here.

    Please contact the Rutgers University Department of Transportation Services or call Mason Gross Performing Arts Center Ticket Office at 848-932-7511.




RU Department of Transportation Services (RUDOTS) parking regulations are in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All lots are permit lots. Listed lots for each venue are subject to availability & approval by RUDOTS. Visitor parking is available in the lots listed for each venue from 60 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time.

Visitors must use a link to register their vehicles for each semester in which they are attending performances. Information and links to the RUDOTS registration page appear at the top of this page. Enter the state, license plate number, make, type, color of vehicle, & select Register only. Kirkpatrick Chapel performances require a different link from MGPAC performances. Registration is free, applies immediately & no further confirmation is required. Registration is only valid for performances managed by the MGPAC Ticket Office within the semester for which vehicles are registered. Please call for specific parking availability for the performance you are attending. Visitors with accessibility tags are required to register vehicles for accessible or non-accessible parking spaces.

Patrons with a current valid RUDOTS parking permit must follow all rules & regulations regarding lot assignment authorized by their particular permit. Vehicle registration may be required for lots not authorized by the Patrons permit.

Citations: Until registration is completed, visitors may receive a citation. The MGPAC Ticket Office cannot waive parking citations for any reason. Appeals must be made directly to RUDOTS. Go to for up-to-date rules & regulations.

Lot Prohibitions: Parking in Lots 70 (adjacent to Douglass Deck), 73 (Marryott Music Building), 74A (Gibbons Residence Hall), & Lot 78 (Loree Gym) are prohibited. Due to fire codes, parking in the circle drive in front of the Performing Arts Center is prohibited. Parking is not available during daytime ticket office hours of Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Saturday noon-5:30pm.