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Film & Animation

Discover the art of storytelling through moving images! Rutgers Community Art’s Film & Animation courses lead students on an adventure of world-building through instructor-led and independent projects. Students begin with the fundamentals of character creation and story-boarding, and progress to learn how to create digital moving images through stop-motion and editing software. A Portfolio Prep class is available for high school students interested in pursuing animation, illustration, comics, and more at a collegiate level, providing the information necessary for building an online presence and archive of their work.



Beginner Film & Animation (ages 8-11)

We all gravitate to the art of telling stories. From learning information about the world through our ancestors, sharing our thoughts and feelings with one another, or simply for entertainment, storytelling plays an important role in our culture. In this course, students will examine the elements of storytelling by learning the fundamentals of how to create memorable characters, settings, and narratives. Students who are in the beginning stages of crafting their own worlds and need guidance on how to create them are encouraged to take this course. They will be taught how to draw, conceptualize, and realize their beloved narratives. There will be assignments that give breathing room for students to experiment with different ways to create art out of their personal worlds. Concepts such as storyboarding and character designing are amongst the many aspects that will be taught in this course. By the end of this experience students will have an understanding of if they wish to pursue illustration, animation, comics or other means of bringing their art to life. 

Students are encouraged to have taken our Intermediate Drawing & Painting course or have visual arts experience prior to joining this class.



Intermediate Film & Animation (ages 12-18)

The Intermediate Film & Animation class is designed for students at any level of video-making experience, who are interested in creating digital moving images. Students will learn narrative development, character design, story-boarding, stop-motion, and editing using free software such as Krita, Blender, and Pencil 2D.


Portfolio Prep for Film & Animation (ages 15-18)

This Portfolio Prep class includes workshops that teach students how to have an online presence for applying to colleges and to archive their body of work for professional purposes. This includes how to create websites and a workflow to utilize the online platform to one’s advantage. Independent sessions meet in small groups where students are able to receive extra assistance when developing individual projects.


Film & Animation Faculty

Fred Quayenortey
Animation Instructor
Community Arts
David Torres II
Art & Design Instructor
Community Arts