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Rutgers Community Arts

Early Childhood


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all classes will be conducted virtually until further notice. We will return to the Mason Gross School facilities for each class as soon as guidance from Rutgers University indicates we are safely able to do so.


Rutgers Community Arts offers a variety of introductory and arts immersion programs for first-time learners. With multi and cross disciplinary courses available for infants, toddlers, and elementary students, enroll your child today to let their inner artist take flight!

Young Maestros (ages 4-7)

Our Young Maestros Program is the ideal introduction to musical study for young children ages 4 to 6. Students will learn basic musical skills (steady beat, rhythm, note values and names) while playing games and making new friends.

Young Maestros I focuses on basic music theory skills and simple piano songs that prepare students to read music. In Young Maestros II, students continue building music theory skills, including basic note reading, and play simple songs written on the staff at the piano. The small class size of only four students ensures each child receives individualized instruction and develops a firm foundation for musical growth in preparation for private music lessons in any instrument. Students must have access to a piano or keyboard at home for daily practice.

Rutgers Community Arts Ballet School (ages 4-8)

The Rutgers Community Arts Ballet School promotes discipline and creativity while encouraging each child to reach their highest potential as young dancers. Classes focus on building a solid foundation in ballet technique with an emphasis on proper placement and safe progressions of movement while remaining sensitive to the developmental needs of young dancers at every level.


Little Knights (grades K-2)

Note: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Rutgers Children’s Choir & Scarlet Singers will not run in spring 2021. We will return to the Mason Gross School facilities for each class as soon as guidance from Rutgers University indicates we are safely able to do so.

For more than a quarter of a century, the Rutgers Children’s Choirs have provided age-appropriate vocal training to pre-college students, grades K-12. All choirs provide an opportunity for young singers to perform choral music with peers who share an interest in singing.

Little Knights is open to children in kindergarten through second grade. Students learn the basics of singing in an age-appropriate, fun manner! A family singing presentation and social concludes each session. No audition required.

Basic Drawing & Painting (ages 5-8)

Send your child on an around-the-world artistic adventure! The focus of this course is to introduce the young aspiring artist to drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture through material exploration. By learning the basics of art-making, students will develop problem-solving skills found only during the creative endeavor of the visual arts. Students will find their voice through color, marks, shapes, forms, and materials during telling stories through their artwork. They will also learn about different ways of making by exploring different cultures and their traditions. By the end of the course, students will go home with a body of work to showcase, a community of young fellow artists, and a new plethora of visual problem-solving abilities that can only be explored through the creative act of making.

Kids Create! Summer Camp (for children entering grades K-8)

Kids Create! participants explore music, dance, theater, and visual arts all in one camp! Children entering grades K through 8 develop their imaginations and skills through drawing, painting, collage, movement, music, improvisational theater, and creative dramatics.

Early Childhood Faculty

Hannah Aberin
Young Maestros Piano Instructor
Community Arts
Kason Jackson
Director, Rutgers Children's Choir & Scarlet Singers
Community Arts
Erika Mero
Director of Rutgers Community Arts Ballet
Community Arts
Anna Palaski
Art & Design Instructor
Community Arts