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How to Register for
Rutgers Arts Online Courses

Rutgers Online Registration

Matriculated Students

Search the Rutgers Arts Online schedule, following these directions:

  1. Visit the University Schedule of Classes at
  2. Under “Term,” select “Spring,” “Winter,” or “Fall”
  3. Under “Locations,” select “New Brunswick Online Courses”
  4. Under “Levels,” select “Undergraduate” or “Graduate”
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. Under the “Subject” field, click “multiple subjects”
  7. Scroll down and select  desired subjects
  8. Click “Submit”

Visiting (i.e., non-matriculated) Students

Rutgers Arts Online also warmly welcomes Visiting Students, who may take our classes on a non-degree basis. Visiting Students include visiting undergraduate and high school students with appropriate academic records, professionals seeking a career change or educational advancement, and interested community members.

To register as a Visiting Student, please go here:, select “Getting Started” on that page. When registration opens for Visiting Students, the red “Want to Apply” section on right side will provide a link for the application. The application is available approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
For tuition charges, visit

For other concerns pertaining to Visiting Students, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you still have questions about the registration process for Visiting Students, please call Continuing Studies at 732-932-7922.

Technical Requirements
We encourage you to click here to check your computer equipment to ensure it meets technical requirements for online learning at Rutgers.

Summer Students

For matriculated students follow the above instructions. For Visiting Students go to: and fill out the Registration Inquiry Form.