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Rutgers Arts Online Certificates


International Dance Studies Online Certificate

The International Dance Studies Online Certificate offers elective dance studies general education courses to a variety of students.


Program Description

Each course is an inquiry into international dance practices in their social, cultural, political, religious and historical contexts. All courses are taught by dance artist/scholars with masters and doctoral degrees in dance studies and dance education. By completion of the International Dance Studies Online Certificate, students should be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of a variety of international dance practices in their social, historical, cultural, political and/or religious contexts
  • Critical analysis of dance practices from an array of global/local cultural contexts
  • Understanding of the complexities of globalizing pressures on changing dance practices
  • Critical thinking in the form of print text and graphic format argumentation about a variety of international dance practices

What courses can you choose from?

07:203:130 Dance Appreciation Online: The Art of Movement

07:203:132 History of Broadway Dance

07:203:133 Dance in Istanbul

07:203:134 Dance in Israel: Body, Ideology, and Culture

07:203:135 Dance Forms of Africa

07:203:136 Dance in India

07:206:431 Dance History: World Survey Online

Note: Dance History: World Survey Online is only available to BFA and BA Dance majors.  All other students interested in a general survey of international dance, please enroll in Dance Appreciation Online.

Who can enroll in the program?

Rutgers University students, including:

  • Dance Department undergraduate BFA (especially DanceJerusalem Study Abroad students who need an introduction to the culture of their destination) and BA majors and dance minors
  • EdM and MFA in Dance graduate students requiring additional elective courses that both broaden and deepen dance content understanding
  • Liberal Arts students, particularly those students at all three Rutgers University campuses, including Camden, Newark and New Brunswick with content area interests such as:
    • Africana Studies and Religious Studies (Camden/New Brunswick)
    • Women’s and Gender Studies (Newark/New Brunswick)
    • American Studies majors (New Brunswick)
    • Students at AMESALL (African, Middle-Eastern, South Asian Languages and Literature; and South Asian Studies
    • Jewish Studies majors
    • Latino and Caribbean Interdisciplinary Studies

Visiting students, including:

  • Elementary, middle and high school dance educators who are required to regularly complete Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • Members of the general public with interest in dances from particular cultures

How long does it take?

The certificate requires four 3-credit courses total. Students enrolled in one course per semester can complete the International Dance Studies Online Certificate in 2 years. However, the only limit is the students’ undergraduate career at Rutgers University.

How many courses do you need to complete the certificate?

A total of four (4) courses are required (12 credits) to complete the International Dance Studies Online Certificate.

How long are the classes?

Each course is a semester-long course.

What to expect?

Please be prepared to complete the “I understand” pre-requisite for each course that evaluates your computer skills for completing online courses.  For all International Dance Certificate Online courses, you will be expected to read articles and dance reviews, view dances on embedded video clips, reflect and discuss your experience of those dances in online discussions, analyze dances for their cultural meaning-making. write short and long essays, and complete a final project.