Undergraduate FAQs

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Does the school have a liberal arts focus or conservatory training?

The Department of Dance offers both; the opportunity to study at a major research university and a conservatory environment including art & design, dance, music, and theater arts studies.

What degrees does the school offer?

The Department of Dance offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Dance, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Dance, a joint BFA/EdM degree, and a Minor in Dance.

Does the school have a graduate program?

Yes. The Department of Dance in partnership with the Graduate School of Education (GSE) offers multiple tracks of study for the aspiring and the experienced artist-teacher. We offer a dual B.F.A./Ed.M. Degree in Dance Education with PK-12 Dance Teacher Certification, a Postbaccalaureate Ed.M. Degree in Dance Education with PK-12 Dance Teacher Certification, and a noncertification track Postbaccalaureate Ed.M. Degree in Dance Education.

Does the school participate in the American College Dance Festival Association?

Yes. The Department of Dance has been active in ACDFA for many years and has sent many works forward to the gala events at the Kennedy Center.

Does the school offer the opportunity to meet and connect with dance professionals other than the faculty?

Yes.  Every year, our Mason Gross Presents program features a renowned dance artist and students participate in master classes in technique and repertory in addition to interacting through Dance Assembly programs with guest artists.  In addition, our University DanceWorks student company works with internationally renowned artists each year, learning their repertory in order to tour in the spring.

What are the opportunities to view dance in the area?

Mason Gross School of the Arts is only 40 minutes from New York City, with a train station located on our campus.  Department of Dance students can easily access the multitude of professional dance events happening in New York City.  In addition, the Department has a partnership with State Theatre in New Brunswick, located 5 minutes from the dance studios.  State Theatre offers discounted tickets to dance students and offers many dance artists each year, including such artists as the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Pilobolus, Garth Fagan, Shen Wei, and Philadanco, amongst others.

Are there scholarships are available?

Yes.  The Department of Dance offers several talent and academic based scholarships, including the Mason Gross Carr Scholarship, the University DanceWorks Scholarship and the Patricia Mayer Scholarship.

How many studios and theaters are there on campus?

The Department of Dance has four studios, in addition to our Loree Dance Studio Theater.  We present our Mason Gross Presents series and our bi-annual DancePlus faculty and guest artist concerts in the Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater.

What are the performing opportunities for students?

All first-year B.F.A. dance majors have the opportunity to perform the works of faculty and/or guest artists on the main-stage in their second semester through the Performance Skills course. Students have access, by audition, to a variety of performance opportunities throughout their career at the Mason Gross School including fall and spring DancePlus faculty concerts, Ed.M. Graduate Concert, B.F.A. Senior Concerts, Student Dance Concerts; traveling with University DanceWorks, the student touring dance company and guest artist repertory projects. Dance students also have opportunities outside the department to perform in Opera Theater Rutgers productions, as well as interdisciplinary projects supported by the Mason Gross Student Government Association.

Are students encouraged and supported to create new choreographic works?

Students from the B.F.A., B.A. and minor programs, first-year through fourth-year, are encouraged to create and audition original works for the annual Student concert that is produced and presented to the public in our 225 seat, black-box Loree Dance Studio Theater. Seniors work with faculty mentors throughout their final year to create new choreographic works that are produced and presented on the main-stage in our 360-seat, proscenium Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater.  The Senior Concert is the culminating performative and choreographic event of the B.F.A. curriculum and is presented in the Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater in the second semester. Launch Pad provides graduating seniors the opportunity to have their works selected and produced in New York City by the Department of Dance. Guest artists, artistic directors, company managers and other representatives from the professional dance world are invited to Launch Pad to witness the work of our students. Launch Pad is an excellent opportunity for young performers and choreographers to “see and be seen” and to network with professionals in the field.