"The program was extremely well balanced. There was a perfect amount of history/philosophy, teacher practice, and physical practice... The program helped me to improve my confidence and my communication skills. Not only has it helped me to become a better teacher, but it is also helping me through physical therapy school. I learned how to better explain movements to people in understandable terms and how to feel comfortable with physical assists. Overall this experience was very rewarding. It was amazing that we were able to develop such a strong nurturing community in five short weeks."  —Aurora James-Palmer

"I was excited to get up early every morning to go practice and learn with these two amazing women. Not only did my own practice improve incredibly over the 5 weeks, but I learned how to be a better human being. Our lessons on the eight steps of yoga made me realize that physical asana is only one very small portion of practicing yoga. I found myself happier than ever, I was able to control my emotions better and accept other people for who they are. My anxieties lessened and I was able to approach life from a whole other perspective. The nurturing environment around me allowed me to be myself, open up to others and get rid of my insecurities. " —Jackie Sacco

“The yoga teacher training program was the most uplifting and life changing experience. It allowed me to learn more about myself, both mentally and physically. It helped me overcome unhealthy situations that were consuming my life, and really helped me grow and truly understand what happiness is. Overall, it changed my entire perspective on life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is even just slightly interesting in yoga. Before the training, I only really focused on the physical practice of yoga, but receiving the mental information, through this training, completely transformed who I was as an individual. Teaching was always something I was hesitant about. However, Taryn and Blair provided a safe environment that allowed me to thrive. It is extremely rewarding to teach a class and know that I have inspired individuals around the room. My second time teaching, a student brought me a giant chocolate bar and said he loved my class so much that he felt the need to share something in return. In that moment, I realized that helping and sharing what I’ve learned not only fills me with joy, but also changes other individual’s lives, which is extremely gratifying. I am forever thankful and blessed for the wisdom the yoga teacher training provided me with.” —Shárie Talubaa

"This program focused on the physical aspect of yoga, history, philosophy, anatomy, etc. This allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning and intent of yoga, which has inevitably helped me in my own practice and teaching. Throughout the 200 hour training, I learned new skills that have enriched my own practice, my teaching abilities, and my daily life. Having struggled with anxiety for many years, I have become even more mindful, calm and aware since completing this training. I have learned to overcome my anxiety through meditation and physical practice and I have evolved into a person that others can consider their teacher and guide" —Julia Wasilewski