PK-12 Dance Teacher Certification


DancersThe Mason Gross/GSE master's degree in dance education is an accredited teacher-preparation program with the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). At the completion of the master's degree program in dance education, graduates may apply for the New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS), allowing for a career in teaching dance in PK-12 schools in New Jersey. No certification exams are required. The CEAS credential has lifetime validity, allowing flexibility in pursuing performance and teaching careers on an individual timetable. New Jersey dance teacher certification has reciprocity in 36 other states.

Download a list of reciprocal states [PDF]

PK-12 teaching is one of the most highly compensated career areas in dance, typically outperforming teaching positions in higher education. Average starting pay for a teacher with a master’s degree is $48,000 plus benefits in New Jersey and  approximately $51,000 plus benefits in the New York City.

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The teacher certification credential is highly respected outside of K-12 education as well and provides practical experience for a competitive edge when seeking employment as:

  • Full-time teacher of dance and directors of dance programs in PK-12 schools
  • Master teachers for dance-company residencies in PK-12 schools and universities
  • Education directors for dance companies and arts institutions
  • Faculty for professional schools associated with major dance companies
  • Instructors and studio directors in private schools of dance
  • Instructors and directors for community-based dance programs
  • Instructors and directors of college-preparatory programs in dance
  • Curriculum consultants for companies, studios, arts organizations, PK-12 schools and universities
  • Staff developers for faculty at companies, studios, arts organizations, PK-12 schools and universities
  • PK-12 teaching-artists for nonprofit arts organizations
  • Higher education faculty in colleges and universities with dance-teacher preparation programs
  • Funded researchers in the fields of arts and education