Project founder and director Jeff Friedman, PhD, CLMA, is a dance artist and scholar with a special focus on using qualitative interviewing to capture embodied experience. Jeff is an associate professor of dance studies in the Mason Gross dance department. He developed the Legacy Oral History Project for dancers with HIV-AIDS in San Francisco in 1988 and promotes Legacy’s qualitative interview model throughout the US and abroad. He has published nationally and internationally on oral history interviews as a form of research inquiry, and performs oral history in the form of documentary choreography.

Project Coordinator/Instructor Natalie Schultz-Kahwaty, Ph.D,began teaching dance for people with Parkinson’s disease (PWP) in 2011 in northeast Pennsylvania. She completed her PhD in advanced studies of human behavior in 2015, focusing on people with Parkinson’s who participate in movement classes. Dr. Schlutz-Kahwaty is an adaptive movement instructor.

Instructor David Tamaki is certified to instruct movement/dance classes for people with Parkinson’s through the Brooklyn-based Dance for PD program at the Mark Morris Dance Center. David is also artistic and teaching staff at the New Jersey Ballet.

Instructor and Musician Diane Pivarnik is a former music educator in the K-12 school system and is also a certified Dance and PD instructor, through the Brooklyn-based Dance for PD program at the Mark Morris Dance Center.

Movement consultant Pamela Quinn investigates, creates, and adapts movement therapy for people with Parkinson’s. As a dance artist and a person with Parkinson’s disease, her innovative approach has made her a sought after therapist, adviser, speaker, and teacher for Parkinson’s disease groups. Her writing has been published by Neurology Now as well as Dance Magazine and she has choreographed and produced several films about dance and Parkinson’s disease. In addition to her private practice and work as a consultant, she currently teaches PD Movement Lab, sponsored by the Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group and for New York University’s Edmund J. Safra Wellness Program for PD at the JCC in Manhattan.

Musician David Chieffer is a professional musician, with a specialty in dance accompaniment. He is a keyboardist with access to a wide variety of musical genres, including classical and contemporary music.