Dance Faculty

Julia M. Ritter - Chair and Artistic Director of the Dance Department  
Barbara Angeline - Associate Chair of the Dance Department

Jeff Friedman - Director, MFA in Dance
Frederick Curry - Director, EdM Master of Dance Education Program


Alphabetical Listing of Faculty


Kimberly Elliot
Jessica Featherson
Kimani Fowlin


Nora Cotter-Szymik
Maeve Dougal
Elizabeth Malone
Rachel Stanislawczyk
Ashton Waldron
Chien-Ying Wang



Dance Appreciation


Dance Education

Elizabeth Zwierzynski

Dance History and Theory 

Celia Ipiotis

Julia M. Ritter

Dance Online

Beatrice Ayi

Dance Pedagogy for Higher Education


Dance Science and Wellness

Hollie Palmisano
Kiana Rosa


Jamie Chandler
Carlye Eckert
Brittany Engel-Adams
Nathalie Jonas
Stephen O'Connell
Blair Ritchie


Barbara Angeline
Camille Moten

Laban Movement and Analysis

Ana Leon Bella
Frederick Curry

Modern Technique

Robert Burke
Jamie Chandler
Elizabeth Malone
Louie Ocampo
Laurel Snyder

Sound and Movement