Visual Arts Department renamed Department of Art & Design

The Visual Arts Department is now officially the Department of Art & Design. Department Chair, Professor Gerry Beegan, notes: “Contemporary artists and designers create experiences that encompass much more than the visual, so this is a more meaningful description of what we do, and who we are in the 21st century.” 

Since its inception, the Visual Arts Department at Mason Gross has been at the forefront of new artistic genres. Sound art, computer art, performance art, happenings, Fluxus events, film, video, media art, interactive art, and installation have all been embraced by faculty and students. Studio arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and photography have flourished alongside new practices and technologies.

The department’s MFA in Visual Arts, founded in the 1960s, was the first graduate program in the United States to be non-discipline specific, and this approach continues to inform the department’s educational philosophy—ever expansive. 

Over recent decades, Design has carved a place within the interdisciplinary mix. An MFA in Design is scheduled for launch in Fall 2019, following the department’s recent BFA in Design. These new degree offerings create a space for artists wishing to focus more singularly on Design while constantly immersed in–and engaging with–an intimate community of interdisciplinary collaborators. 

Information accurate as of July 2018.