Monday Night Film and Video Series: "Radical Means: Technology and Media Activism in the New Millennium"

Civic Square Building
6:30 p.m. November 9, 2015
In conjunction with the November 17 Mason Gross Presents panel, Radical Means: Technology and Media Activism in the New Millennium
Screening Akosua Adoma Owusu's Me Broni Ba (My White Baby), 2009, 22 mins.
Weaving sequences of hair-braiding salons in Ghana, voice-over of Oprah Winfrey rhapsodizing about brown-skinned dolls and animated clips of signature hairstyles, Me Broni Ba (My White Baby) is an artfully composed, thought-provoking work that investigates the fraught relationship between images of beauty and power.
Screening of Unfinished, by Sophie Calle in collaboration with Fabio Balducci, 2005, 30:14 mins.

Upon receiving a series of photographs taken from an ATM security camera, Calle becomes involved in a perplexing 15-year investigation. She manages to steal three surveillance tapes, and interacts with strangers, bank employees, and a pawn shop merchant in an attempt to clarify the meaning of money, security, and the anonymous photographs.
The images, originally exhibited in an installation entitled Cash Machine, are now presented as the central narrative in this unresolved investigation.

Screening of Harun Farocki and Andrei Ujica's Videograms of a Revolution, 1992, 47 mins.

Built around amateur videos, demonstration footage, and excerpts from a demonstrator-controlled Bucharest TV studio in late December 1989, this rigorous chronology of the Romanian uprising that overthrew dictator Nicolae Ceausescu shows clearly, and often with real suspense, how the mediated image not only records but engenders historic change. The studio was occupied for 120 unbroken hours and became a courtroom/interrogation center/report hub for the seismic events unfolding outside. A Marker-esque voice-over occasionally guides our reading, but it's left primarily to the images to narrate themselves, and they offer a ringside seat for this revolution of the image. Watch out for the extraordinary moment early on when the state newscaster coughs slightly after reading out some blatant double-speak a ministerial suicide, marking perhaps the moment when it all starts to unravel.

Room 110, Civic Square Building


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