How to Propose a New Course

Having a new course approved is a multi-step process. This begins at the departmental/division level. Consult the Department Chair or the Chair of the departmental Curriculum Committee about the documents you need to submit. 

Typically, the new course needs the approval of the departmental Curriculum Committee followed by the vote of the full departmental faculty meeting. But this is department specific.

Once the course has received all departmental approvals, the course proposal proceeds to the Mason Gross Curriculum Committee. This school-wide committee meets in October to act on courses to be taught in January; it also meets in February to act on courses to be taught in September. The Dean of Students chairs the Mason Gross Curriculum Committee and also sets the meeting dates.

This website provides all of the forms needed to propose a new course to the school-wide committee. It is also designed to provide definitions and examples of the materials required for proposing a new course.

Please keep in mind that on-line courses require additional preparation.  See the appropriate on-line information below.

Helpful tips for conceptualizing your new course

Helpful tips for creating your new course

Online Course Review Committee

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