2018 Tepper Chair Event: Kara Walker and Rutgers Cohort

Kirkpatrick Chapel

2 p.m. An offering by Usus Homing
2–8:30 p.m. Site-specific installations
6:30–8:30 p.m. Black Mold: Performances, readings, and screenings.

Kara Walker began a five-year term as Tepper Chair at Rutgers in 2015. While here, she has created a graduate research group around Memory, Monuments, and Memorials (MMM). The intention over the five years of Kara Walker’s term is to trace slave routes and the memories and memorials they have left. Last year, the group visited Georgia; current research brought them to New Orleans, LA, in March 2018 as their site of focus. This event is their response to visiting a place where land and monuments are disappearing.

Performative in nature, the cohort will synthesize research findings across a spectrum of mediums including movement, music, video, and poetry recitations.

Reception to follow.




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