07:965:222 Performing Solo: From Stage to YouTube

Performing Solo: From Stage to YouTube is a performance based elective course designed for students of all disciplines who wish to persuasively communicate in person or on video. Students will try vlogging, stand-up, monologues, narration, and even multi-character dialogue from the comfort of their own home, with the help of a supportive instructor and class. Students will study these formats through lectures and by watching videos. Students will have the freedom to write their own scripts on a variety of topics important to them. Performance experience is not required to take this course. If you’re scared of public speaking, then this class is a great way to find your comfort zone from the comfort of your own home. These skills are not only used in entertainment, but also in video conferencing and marketing for any profession. No matter your major or future career, this course can help you be the person who is confident, comfortable, and stands out.