07:557:201 Pain in the Assets? Finance and Entrepreneurship for the Arts

The course teaches personal and entrepreneurial financial management concepts. It is designed for nonbusiness majors who have already commenced or are contemplating single- and multi-person ventures.

 Personal financial management topics include goal setting and prioritization; cash management; budgeting; acquiring, managing and protecting credit in its varying forms; saving and investing; planning for major purchases; evaluating alternative insurance products; strategies for overcoming financial adversity.
Entrepreneurial financial management topics include understanding the risks and responsibilities that are associated with that undertaking; devising business, strategic and operating plans and budgets; selecting legal, financial, managerial and promotional advisory firms; choosing an appropriate legal structure for the enterprise; managing financial performance and assessing progress; managing various forms of risk; protecting intellectual property; managing freelance activity; strategies for borrowing money and soliciting investments; overcoming financial adversity; organizing sales and transfers of business interests.

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