Bachelor of Arts in Art

All undergraduate students in the Department of Art & Design begin with the same Foundation Studio curriculum, designed to familiarize them with core concepts and basic skills in preparation for a rigorous studio practice. The course's emphasis is on the study of drawing, color, and composition as well as time and screen-based contemporary art practices. Students on the BA track then pursue more liberal arts requirements within the wider university rather than declare an area of concentration with upper level studio courses in Visual Arts.

The BA degree provides students the opportunity to explore the materials, techniques, places, events, and images that form the basis for understanding the artist’s position in the modern world.

All Rutgers New Brunswick undergraduate students who gain approval from their degree granting unit are permitted to declare a BA in Art as a double major upon acceptance by the Department of Art & Design. A portfolio must be submitted in January for permission to declare the second major the following fall.

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For questions regarding the BA program, please contact the Undergraduate Program Advisor.