Art & Design Transfer Student Prerequisite Waiver Instructions

Transfer students who believe they have already mastered the content of specific Mason Gross courses that are prerequisites to advanced courses may apply for a prerequisite waiver and be placed out of the course. A prerequisite is waived upon positive portfolio review by area faculty. Please be aware that these courses cover a very specific set of skills and concepts. In order to be placed out of a course, we must see that the material has been covered successfully. Please be aware that although you may have taken a course that has the same name unless you have successfully covered the same material as the course offered by Mason Gross, you may not be eligible to place out of the course.

To create your portfolio submission please visit: and chose "Transfer Credit Portfolio" (you will not have to pay a fee).

Please download the following forms for more information and use as checklists for what to include in your Transfer Waiver Portfolio:

Slide Room only accepts up to 20 images per submission. Therefore, please use a separate email address for each Transfer Waiver Portfolio Submission. (For example, use a Rutgers email address for submission #1, a Gmail address for submission #1, and so forth.)

Prerequisite Waiver Instructions