Tepper Chair

Established in 2011, the Tepper Family Endowed Chair in Visual Arts at Rutgers University is the first of its kind at Mason Gross School of the Arts. The role may be taken on by artists who have demonstrated consistent excellence in their work. The inaugural Tepper Chair was Catherine Murphy, from 2012 to 2015, whose engagement with both graduate and undergraduate students took the form of studio visits, group critiques, and guest lectures.

Kara Walker is recently completed a four-year term within the Department of Art & Design, through Spring 2019. At Rutgers she has created a graduate think tank around Memory, Monuments and Memorials (MMM). These cohorts have undertaken research projects and trips to Atlanta, GA, and New Orleans, LA, published artist books, and hosted public events featuring exhibitions and performances open to all. Professors from around the university have been invited as guest lecturers to the Department of Art & Design in recent years, speaking on a rich array of topics related to this theme of Memory, Monuments and Memorials.

While the approaches of each Tepper Chair have been very different, they consistently serve as an inspiration to students as models of artists working at the highest level. The Tepper Chair in Visual Arts is made possible through the gracious support of Marlene A. Brandt and David A. Tepper.

Kara Walker, 2015-2019                     Catherine Murphy, 2012-2015

World-renowned artist Kara Walker is the Tepper Chair in Art & Design at Mason Gross School of the Arts. Walker has been working with Rutgers MFA students and talks about the role guest artists have in breaking down barriers between established artists and emerging artists.



Catherine Murphy worked with visual arts students as the first Tepper Endowed Chair at Mason Gross School of the Arts. She critiqued the work of students in an effort to further their abilities and encourage the consistent expression of confidence and honesty through their art.

Information accurate as of February 2019.