visual arts

Visual Arts Staff

  • Damian Catera

    Media Specialist

    Damian Catera is an electro-acoustic composer/guitarist, sound-installation creator and...

  • Rosemarie Flores

    Undergraduate Administrative Assistant

    Rosemarie Flores is the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant for the Undergraduate Program in the Visual Arts...

  • Ho’o Hee

    Sculpture Coordinator

    Ho’o Hee has a background in...

  • Randy Hemminghaus

    Master Printer; Manager, Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions

    Randy Hemminghaus is a master printer. He has extensive collaborative...

  • Daonne Huff

    Graduate Program Administrative Assistant and Gallery Coordinator

    Daonne Huff is Graduate Program Administrative Assistant...

  • Anthony Masso

    Photography Technician

  • Anne McKeown

    Master Papermaker, Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions

    Anne McKeown received her M.F.A. from Yale University. She has taught both painting and...

  • Carol Monroe

    Department Administrator

    Carol Monroe has extensive experience in nonprofit finance, operations, and administration. She has served as the director of finance and...

  • Cassandra Oliveras-Moreno

    Communications and Collaboration Administrator

    Cassandra Oliveras-Moreno serves as a departmental liaison, supporting the...

  • Amee Pollack

    Undergraduate Program Coordinator

    Amee Pollack is the administrative liaison for the Undergraduate Program in the Visual Arts...

  • Shane Whilden

    Associate Director of Computer Services