Design at Shakespeare’s Globe in London – in Association with the School of Historical Dress

design at globe
London is your classroom: historical architecture, world-famous museums, original practice design, Shakespeare, dynamic modern theater, professional shops, and of course the Globe itself plus their recently built indoor Jacobean theater are all part of your Globe curriculum.
London design foregoes traditional classrooms and arranges studio work space for each design student in a group setting. Students meet with their professional design head/teacher/advisor on a daily basis at the studio and then focus on the day’s activities, which are scheduled at the beginning of each week.
Students design two projects with well-known professional directors. They consult their directors weekly in individual sessions plus consulting with master costume craftsmen or model makers, etc. The design teacher/advisor takes them to professional theaters or sends them to sites that enhance their design choices.
Those include all of the subjects mentioned above plus drawing or hands-on craft techniques.