Policies & Procedures

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Sample Classes & Ensembles

  • Prospective students are invited to sample most Extension Division classes and ensembles free of charge. 
  • Please contact the Extension Division Administration to request a sample class or ensemble session – extdiv.office@masongross.rutgers.edu | 848-932-8618

Private Instruction - Trial lessons

  • All prospective private lesson students – children and adults – are required to schedule a trial lesson prior to registering for an entire semester’s worth of instruction. 
  • Students must provide their own instruments for trial lessons (drum set and piano are exceptions to this requirement).  Students who attend trial lessons without an instrument may not be able to proceed with the trial lesson.  Refunds or credits will not be provided should the instructor determine that it is not possible to proceed with a trial lesson due to the student not bringing an instrument to the lesson.
  • A trial lesson is paid for in advance by the student at the instructor’s standard hourly rate. Standard hourly rates for 2015-16 are as follows:
2015/16 (through summer 2016)
  • 30-minute weekly lessons: $33 per lesson
  • 45-minute weekly lessons:  $49.5 per lesson
  • 1-hour weekly lessons: $66 per lesson
There is a surcharge for private study with Mason Gross School of the Arts faculty members. Please contact us to review specific instructor rates - 848-932-8618.
  • Students are not required to commit to an entire semester of instruction at the time they register for a trial lesson.
  • Students wishing to continue lessons with an instructor following a trial lesson must commit to weekly instruction for the remainder of the semester.
  • Once a trial lesson is completed, students may register for the remainder of the semester with the instructor with whom s/he had a trial lesson. If the student does not register for the remainder of the semester within one business day following the trial lesson, the lesson slot will be released, and will become available to other prospective students.
  • It is possible to schedule another trial lesson with a different instructor if the student so wishes.
  • It is not possible to schedule repeated trial lessons with the same instructor.
  • Cancelation of trial lessons: Trial lessons canceled with a minimum of 24 hour notice will result in a refund to credit card, less a $5 processing fee. In the case of trial lessons canceled due to family or medical emergency with less than 24 hours’ notice, a refund to account will be made; a processing fee will not be assessed.


Fall & Spring Semester Registration

  • Students who have completed a trial lesson, or who are continuing students of the Extension Division, may register for an entire semester once the registration period is open. 
  • Please note that a semester-long commitment to instruction is required.
  • Priority Registration is offered for the spring semester only.  Students registering during this period must maintain their same lesson schedule (instructor, day, time) as the fall Semester.
  • Rolling Registration: students are offered the option of enrolling in most classes and private lessons at any point in the semester. Private & classroom instruction is prorated from the first scheduled lesson.
  • Registration fee:  a registration fee of $15 per person, per activity will be assessed for all activities and private lessons unless indicated otherwise in writing by the Extension Division.

Summer Semester Registration

  • Students may register for lessons a la carte during summer months. 
o   A commitment to regular weekly lessons is not required.
o   Students are required to adhere to the schedule for which they registered.  All missed lesson and withdrawal policies remain in effect.
o   A registration fee of $15 will be assessed once per activity during summer months.



  • Questions concerning classes, ensembles, or private lessons questions should be submitted via email or phone.
o   848-932-8618
o   Extension Division Administration Hours of Availability
§  Fall & Spring hours (September - May): Monday – Friday, 10:30am-7pm, and Saturday, 8am-1pm
§  Summer hours (June - August): Monday -Thursday: 12-7 p.m.; Friday - no instruction offered; Saturday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Online registration for classes and ensembles

  • All classes and ensembles are available for online registration.
  • For ensembles requiring audition for admittance, or for classes with prerequisites in place, please contact Extension Division Administration prior to registering online.

Private lesson registration

  • All lesson registrations – trial lesson and continuing lesson requests – begin with the student completing a New Lesson Inquiry Form online. 
o   Extension Division Administration will follow up by contacting you via email or phone to complete the registration process.

MAKEUP POLICY – student absences

Private lessons: One make-up lesson per semester is offered for student absences only if the student provides notification to the Extension Division office 24 hours in advance of absence.  

  • Notification of absences should be made via email (extdiv.office@masongross.rutgers.edu) and phone (848-932-8618). 
  • Private lesson instructors are not obligated to provide make-up lessons for student absences beyond the aforementioned one make-up lesson per semester.
  • Instructors are not required to provide make-up lessons for make-up lessons missed by the student for any reason.
  • Refunds are not provided for student absences

MAKEUP POLICY – instructor absences

  • Planned instructor absences: the Extension Division will provide a substitute instructor to teach during planned instructor absences. Students may not opt out of lessons with substitute instructors.
  • Unplanned instructor absences: if an instructor cancels a lesson unexpectedly the lesson will be made up during the make-up weeks reserved at the end of each semester.
  • Any additional absences on the part of the instructor will be made up on an alternate date convenient to both the instructor and student.
  • In the event that an instructor is unable to make up missed lessons, a credit toward future study will be issued to the student.
  • Students may not opt out of makeup lessons provided by instructors.

MAKEUP POLICY - classroom instruction

Canceled classes will be made up during the scheduled make-up weeks at the end of a semester.

  • The Extension Division will provide make-ups for classes missed due to instructor absence or school closure.
  • Substitute instructors will be provided for planned instructor absences. 
  • Refunds will be provided at the end of the semester for classes canceled by the instructor that s/he is not able to make up, or for which it was not possible to provide a substitute instructor.


  • Should a student wish to change instructor mid-semester, the student will be charged an administrative fee equivalent to two lessons or class sessions. 
  • Change of instructor or class section initiated by the Extension Division will not require any additional fee. 
  • Exceptions may be made in certain cases at the discretion of the Director and/or Assistant Director of the Extension Division.


  • The Extension Division reserves the right to cancel courses with insufficient enrollment or when facilities become unavailable.
  • In the event a course is canceled by the Extension Division, a full tuition refund will be issued to those who have registered.
  • All published course schedules are subject to change.
  • Please refer to our website for up-to-date course information.


Important consideration for all registrantsfollowing a trial lesson or sample class, continued private lesson or class registration requires a semester-long commitment.  Students unable to make a commitment to attend a full-semester’s worth of private lessons may, by special arrangement, pursue a la carte lesson arrangements.  There are no options for a la carte class participation. Please contact the Extension Division Office for more information.

  • If the student discontinues private lessons before the end of the semester, no refund will be issued.
  • Withdrawal from classroom/group instruction before the fourth week of classes for any reason is allowed. 
  • Withdrawal from classroom/group instruction at least one business day before the start of classes for any reason is allowed; a full tuition refund will be processed, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  • Withdrawal from classroom instruction before the fourth week of classes will result in 60% refund of course tuition (registration & parking fees are non-refundable).
  • Withdrawal from classroom/group instruction after the fourth week of classes results in forfeiture of tuition; no refund will be made.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made in cases of extended illness, serious injury, and/or medical emergencies.
  • The Extension Division Director will review refund written withdrawal/refund requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students will be refunded for instructor absences for which a substitute instructor was not available, and that are not able to be made up by the primary instructor or designated substitute instructor
  • In the event a course is canceled by the Extension Division, a full tuition refund will be issued to those who have registered.
  • Refunds, when necessary, are made to account at the end of the semester.  One month processing time is required to accomplish refunds to credit cards. Individuals will be informed via email once refund has been made. 
  • Individuals wishing to have refunds or account balances made directly to their credit card, must request such transfers via email to Extension Division Administration - extdiv.office@masongross.rutgers.edu
  • All refunds are processed at the end of the semester, during the makeup weeks, and at the approval of the Extension Division Director. 


  • Students not enrolled in a payment plan, or who have not paid for their lessons in full, will not be allowed to receive instruction.
  • Students are responsible for timely payment of Extension Division invoices. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Extension Division office of any changes to his/her address, telephone number, email address or relevant payment information.
  • Non-payment of Extension Division charges will be sent to a third-party collection agency once the account is 120 days past due.  This will immediately increase your balance due by 30% or more, as you will be responsible for the agency fees. Once your account is placed with an agency, you will not have the option to call our office and resolve this delinquency.


  • It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Extension Division office of any changes to his/her address, telephone number, email address or relevant payment information.


  • If Rutgers University cancels classes due to inclement weather, the Extension Division will also cancel classes.
  • Please refer to the Rutgers Campus Status Page or call the Extension Division office at 848-932-8618 for closure notices.
  • In the event of a closure due to inclement weather, the campus status page will specifically mention Mason Gross Extension Division programs.
  • A makeup will be offered, schedule permitting.
  • Should winter student recitals be canceled due to inclement weather, they will be made up on the scheduled snow dates.
  • Should recital snow dates be canceled for any reason there will be no make-up recitals.