Rutgers Today features stage management graduate

The theater is Theron (tur-ON) Alexander’s passion, and Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts was his first choice as the place to study – not as a performer, but as a stage manager.

When he joins his classmates at Commencement in May, Alexander will already have fulfilled a dream – working as an assistant stage manager in a professional production.

Stage managers are the unseen, uncelebrated centers of a play’s action. Only as a stage manager did Alexander believe he could see the entire production come to life – the reason he was drawn to stage management from the very beginning.

“As a stage manager, you get to see parts of the production that others don’t always get to see,” he says. “Actors are not a part of production meetings with the director and designers, and designers are not always in the rehearsal room with the actors as they develop and craft their characters.”

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Posted May 2017