Gary Schneider honored with Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence

Visual Arts professor Gary Schneider was awarded the Rutgers Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence on May 5, 2015. He was recognized by the Board of Trustees "for his compelling photographs and deep understanding and critical analysis of photography."

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Schneider, a native of South Africa, says his work is not “overtly political, but more about psychology.” A recent project includes hand-print portraits of South African artists, in which subjects press their hands directly into a film emulsion, which captures their heat and sweat. The resulting images make a sociopolitical statement, Schneider says, that extends beyond color, race, gender and age. He calls the portraits “democratic.”

"The audience can make their own reading," Schneider says. "That’s the best kind of portrait I could make.”

Click here to learn more about Schneider's work, or check out the video below in which Schneider discusses the similarities between printmaking and teaching:

Posted May 2015