Music Staff

  • Peg Barbarite

    Admissions and Scholarship Administrator

    Peg Barbarite is the administrator for admissions and scholarship for the...

  • David Miller

    Keyboard Technician

    Dave Miller received a bachelor's degree in voice in 1990 and studied piano technology at Steinway & Sons. Before joining the Rutgers...

  • Gregory Mueller

    Ensemble and Instrument Manager; Booking Agent, Rutgers Concert Bureau

    Gregory Mueller acts as booking agent for the Rutgers Concert Bureau.  If you are interested in hiring a Rutgers musician for any event (...

  • Mark Piotrowski

    Stage Manager

    Mark Piotrowski runs the Nicholas Music Center during concerts and other events. He...

  • Jonathan Sauceda

    Music and Performing Arts Librarian

    Jonathan Sauceda is the Music and Performing Arts Librarian for Rutgers University and...

  • Ximena Suasnavas

    Principal Accounting Clerk

  • Carlos Vazquez

    Front Office Manager

    Carlos Vazquez is the first point of contact between the Music Department and the general public. He is in charge of day-to-day operations of...

  • Kevin Viscariello

    Department Administrator Supervisor; Director, Rutgers Concert Bureau

    Kevin Viscariello handles all scheduling of Music Department facilities including...