Minor in Music Technology

Music technology is a rapidly growing field that includes the study of acoustics, recording, production, composition, analysis, programming, and hardware design. The minor in music technology combines theoretical concepts in scientific, technical, and musical subjects with the opportunity to apply these concepts in a practical manner.

Note: The minor in music technology is only available to students enrolled in SEBS or Mason Gross

Requirements (18 credits):
  • 07:700:103 Introduction to Music Theory or above (3)
  • 07:700:105 OR 07:700:135 Making Music with Computers: Introduction to Digital Audio (face-to-face/online) (3)*
  • 07:700:284 Digital Audio Composition (3)
  • 07:700:311 Art of Production I: Recording (3)
  • 07:700:312 Art of Production II: Mixing (3)

Advanced Technology electives (choose 1):

  • 07:700:469 Interactive Computer Music (3)
  • 07:700:470 Electroacoustic Musical Instrument Design (3)
*Music majors will substitute 07:700:127 Introduction to Music Technology for 07:700:105/135
Minor Eligibility:
  • Students must receive a minimum grade of C in each required course in order to receive the minor
  • Students may transfer up to six credits from another institution towards completion of the minor pending a review of the syllabus from the previous institution
  • Students may NOT receive both the Certificate in Recording Arts and Minor in Music Technology
  • Mason Gross students may declare the Music Technology Minor by filling out this FORM and submitting it to the Dean's Office at Mason Gross School of the Arts.
  • SEBS students may also download this FORM and use it for personal reference, but they must speak with their SEBS advisor to officially declare the minor.