Facilities and Equipment

  • Video production studio allows students to work collaboratively learning lighting, camera, frame, screen direction with full HD projection.
  • Video classroom with 28 computers equipped with Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative suite and 2D and 3D animation software. 
  • The Rutgers Film Bureau – a collection of nine professional film-editing computers networked for collaborative documentary projects

Production equipment available to  rent out to Digital Filmmaking students:

Students in our production classes check out the following digital filmmaking equipment:

  • Canon DSLR T3is with interchangeable lenses
  • Canon XF305 professional HD cameras
  • Wireless lavalier microphones
  • Fluid head Tripods
  • Audio Field Recorder
  • Lighting kits (for advanced students only)

Advanced Documentary students are trained with the following professional digital filmmaking equipment. (Please note that  some equipment listed here is not available to rent out.)

  • Sony FS100 with interchangeable lenses
  • Sony FS700 with interchangeable lenses
  • Audio field recorders (available to rent)​
  • Boom microphones and boom poles (available to rent)​
  • Wireless lavalier microphone (available to rent)​
  • Lighting kits (available to rent for advanced students only)​​
  • Fluid Head Tripods (available to rent)​
  • Glidecam HD Camera Stabilization System
  • Slider Camera dolly
  • Digital Camera Shoulder Mounts (available to rent)​