About the Center

Welcome to the Rutgers Filmmaking Center, an innovative, interdisciplinary film production program. 

The Rutgers Filmmaking Center offers comprehensive technical and artistic training in a supportive environment. Students collaborate, take risks, and build upon a solid foundation in fiction and documentary filmmaking to create original digital narratives.

Students receive hands-on training in directing, cinematography, screenwriting, producing, field production, animation, editing, and post-production technique, while delving into filmmaking history, theory, and criticism.

Because the filmmaking center is located within a major research university, the filmmaking BFA provides students access to vast intellectual resources and opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning.

The growing online economy and culture demand more and more visual content, and Rutgers Filmmaking Center graduates are prepared: They leave the program not only with technical proficiency but with a mastery of narrative engagement. They have the skills to produce substantive content an ever-changing digital landscape.