Summer Program Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the  Mason Gross School of the Arts Extension Division!

We wish you a wonderful experience participating in our summer programs.  Please read this document carefully before continuing with the registration process.

Please address questions concerning our policies to, (848) 932-1500.


Registration | Auditions | Communication Policy | Payment Procedures (including final payment due date for all camps) | Rutgers University Cancelation Policy | Student Cancelation & Withdrawal Policy | Students with Special Needs | Medical Records | Programs Subject to Change Notification | Student Behavior | Waiver 


The Extension Division offers online registration for all summer programs.

  • Please visit to locate the camp you are interested in.
  • Please initiate the registration process by clicking on the camp name and then following registration instructions provided on the camp web page.
  • Complete the online registration process as prompted; please proceed to follow instructions to complete payment of required fees.
    • Students wishing to register for a camp requiring an audition must await acceptance notification prior to registering.
    • All camp registrations require a deposit and credit-card-based payment plan. Payment in full at the time of registration is preferred.
    • Please see 'Payment procedures' below for more information regarding payment plans.
  • Please note that Rutgers’ Tax ID number is 22-6001086. This may be helpful for tax purposes next year.

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·         Camps requiring auditions: Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory and Rutgers Summer Dance Conservatory.

·         All other camps do NOT require an audition before registration.

·     Please note that the ASTA/NJ Chamber Music Institute (ASTA/NJ CMI) at Rutgers University does not require an audition.  However, a performance sample video may be submitted in order to facilitate optimal ensemble placement.

·         Audition video

·     Camps requiring auditions for acceptance will require a video URL to be uploaded at the time of application or soon thereafter. 

·     Applicants are responsible for their own video hosting and for their own privacy settings. 

·     Please be certain that the video is viewable by faculty when you post it. 

·     YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo and a variety of other online video hosting sites are viable solutions hosting your audition video.

·     The Extension Division will only share your video link with faculty/staff responsible for evaluating your performance.

·         Auditions videos will be reviewed as soon as possible following submission. 

·     As Mason Gross collegiate faculty members typically evaluate audition videos, academic duties may prevent an immediate review.

·     Please feel free to contact the Extension Division for an update on your audition video review

·         Audition outcome notification via email.

·     Students (or their family) will be notified by email of acceptance/non-acceptance via email.


·         Registration is only allowed for students who have been formally accepted to camp via the audition process.

·     Once notified of acceptance, one may proceed with registration.

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Notification & Communication Policy

·         All notifications and communications will be made via email.  Please be certain to provide a current email address at the time of application.

·         Please be aware that emails sometimes go to spam/junk folders.  Please check your spam/junk folders regularly and add our email to your address book.

·         Applications will be acknowledged within a week of submission.

·         Auditions videos will be reviewed as soon as possible following submission.

·         As Mason Gross collegiate faculty typically evaluate audition videos, academic duties may prevent an immediate review.

·         Please feel free to contact the Extension Division for an update if you wish!

·         Students (or their family) will be notified by email of acceptance / non-acceptance via email.

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Payment Procedures

·         All camps: tuition must be fully paid prior to the start of camp.  Students with unpaid invoices will not be allowed to participate. No refunds will be issued for failure to pay.

·         Payment in full due date for all camps: 

·       All camps must be completely paid for no later than June 22, 2019.

·         Failure to pay in full

·         Applicants whose payment has not been received in full by the published due date will risk having their camp registration revoked. 

·         No refunds will be processed for individuals removed from camp rosters due to incomplete payment.

·         Students are responsible for timely payment of Extension Division invoices.

·         It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Extension Division office of any changes to his/her address, telephone number, email address, or relevant payment information.

·         Non-payment of Extension Division charges will be sent to a third-party collection agency once the account is 120 days past due. This will immediately increase your balance due by 30% or more, as you will be responsible for the agency fees. Once your account is placed with an agency, you will not have the option to call our office and resolve this delinquency. 

·         Students registering/applying after payment in full deadline has passed must pay the required camp registration and tuition in full at time of registration.

·         Payment plans may not be available after the camp’s specified payment-in-full deadline. 

·         Please contact our registrar, Ms. Dana Wilson (, for more information.

·         Auto billing is required of all participants.  Our online registration system provides for convenient payment options.  We require that all applicants participate in auto payment.  Any balance due at the time payment is due in full will be automatically billed to your credit card.

·         Payment plans available!

·         All payment plans require a credit card on file and auto-billing. Clients are able to set up their own payment plans including the number of payment installments and individual payment due dates.

·         Payment-in-full deadline for all camps: June 22, 2019.

·         Payment plans are not available for students applying for camps after the payment-in-full deadline has passed.

Method of paying your balance due

Payment of your deposit and of any portion of your balance due will be through our secure online registration site.  Your balance due may be paid as follows:

·         In person via check or cash.

·         By mail via check.

·         Please make all checks payable to “Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey”

·         Please be certain to identify your child’s name and the camp/institute s/he will attend.

·         A $25 fee will be assessed for any returned check.

·         Mailing address:

Mason Gross Extension Division

[name of summer camp you will attend]

Rehearsal Hall, room 101

85 George Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

·         Online via credit card.

Your account will be accessible via your username and password.  Invoices may be emailed to you by our Extension Division Administration team.
**Please do not leave your credit card number on our voicemail service.  We are not able to process any card numbers from messages left on our voicemail service, or over the phone. **

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Rutgers University Cancelation Policy

Rutgers University reserves the right of cancellation if enrollment is not sufficient to operate a particular summer offering in which case a full refund will be made to those registered.   We will notify you of cancellation no later than June 15, 2019.

Student Withdrawal (Cancellation) Policy

All student withdrawal (cancellation) requests must be made in writing to Ms. Dana Wilson, Registrar, Requests will be considered valid as of the date of notification.  

Refunds or credits for students who wish to cancel their registration for summer sessions will be handled in the following manner:

·         Student withdrawal (cancellation) - for any reason - up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the session will result in a refund or credit less a $100 withdrawal fee.

·         Student withdrawal (cancellation) 4-6 weeks before the session begins:  50% tuition refund.

·         Student withdrawal (cancellation)  2-4) weeks before the session begins: 25% tuition refund.

·         Student withdrawal (cancellation)  1-2 weeks before the session begins: No refund.

Students withdrawing (canceling) their camp enrollment may request a credit be made to account for use in the following year’s summer camp, or during the next academic year at the Extension Division. Or, students may request that a refund be made directly to them. A processing period of up to 45 business days may be required as per Rutgers University requirements.  

All withdrawal (cancellation) requests must be made in writing to Mason Gross Extension Division Registrar, Dana Wilson,

Student Medical Withdrawals

·         Students withdrawing from camp for medical reasons must provide written documentation of injury or medical concern from a medical professional that includes notification that participation in camp is not possible. If withdrawal occurs after the start of camp, refunds will be prorated according to dates of attendance.  Written documentation must be submitted within 48 hours of injury or illness.

·         Students who wish to withdraw for medical reasons that are not substantiated by a medical professional as required will receive refunds as described in the Student Cancellation Policy (above).

·         When a substantiated medical withdrawal is granted, refunds will be made to account for use in future years, or during the next academic year at the Extension Division. 

·         Request for refund must be made in writing to Mason Gross Extension Division Registrar, Dana Wilson, 

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Students with Special Needs

·         The Mason Gross Extension Division welcomes the participation of students with special needs in our summer and year-round programs. 

·         Parents of children with special needs must provide a completed Care Plan for Children with Special Health Needs form.  This form is included in the health forms portion of your online registration process.  Once completed, it must be uploaded to your registration profile. 

·         As the term ‘special needs’ is quite broad, we do encourage parents of students to contact us directly to review the suitability of the camp you wish to attend. 

·         Families of special needs students may be required to engage a qualified care provider to be present during.

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Medical Records

·         Required medical forms are available to you during the online registration process.  

·         All camp registrants will be asked to provide dates of recent immunizations or the appropriate exemption forms.

·         Some forms may be completed and submitted entirely online while others require you to download, supply needed information and doctor's signature, then upload.  

·         All forms must be submitted via your camp registration portal. No forms may be submitted to the Extension Division office. 

**IMPORTANT: all students must submit required health information by published due dates.  Failure to submit required health information may result in the student being removed from the camp.  Refunds will not be issued for individuals removed from camp participation due to failure to submit required health forms in a timely fashion.**

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Programs Subject to Change Notification

·         All aspects of summer camp programming are subject to change. We reserve the right to substitute instructors, add or remove curricular or extra-curricular components and to alter the schedule as necessary.

·         Refunds –in full or in part– will not be made as a result of program change or modification.

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Student Behavior

The Extension Division reserves the right to dismiss any student for inappropriate behavior.

·         Students are provided with clear guidelines for behavior during an orientation session at the start of each camp session. 

·         Refunds will not be provided to any students dismissed from camp for inappropriate behavior.

·         Examples of inappropriate behavior  that may result in dismissal: bullying, smoking, drinking alcohol, being in possession of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, possession of illegal drugs, unapproved use of prescribed medication, failure to obey Extension Division policies and procedures, abusive behavior  towards camp faculty and staff , theft, and vandalism  of university facilities or property.

·         In most cases, students are informed of behavioral issues detected by camp faculty and/or staff and given the opportunity to modify their behavior while continuing in the camp.

·         The Extension Division reserves the right to dismiss students without warning in cases of egregious breach of policies and/or procedures, or in cases where the safety and well-being of other campers is threatened.

·         Parents of minors will be informed of any pending disciplinary action.

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At the time of registration, you will be required to accept a waiver of liability that includes the following language:


In the event of injury or illness, I hereby voluntarily consent and give permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment, if necessary, from the local hospital emergency room. It is understood that every effort will be made to contact me before taking this action.

I understand that Rutgers University is not providing any medical health coverage to participants. I understand that any medical charges will be paid by me or my insurance.


In consideration of my child's participation in summer camp(s) operated by the Mason Gross Extension Division of Rutgers University, I waive, release and discharge any and all claims for death, personal injury or property damage against Rutgers, The State University, its officers, agents and employees which my child may have, or which may hereafter occur as a result of my child's participation in the activities. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Rutgers, The State University, its officers, agents and employees from any claim or loss for death, bodily injury or property damage arising in any manner out of my child's presence or participation in these activities. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release, indemnity and assumption of risk is to be binding on my heirs and assigns.

Photography, Video, and Audio Recordings

I understand that audio recordings, photos, and/or video recordings of program participants, including my child, may be published. I hereby give consent for my child to be audio recorded, photographed, or video recorded in connection with participation in summer camp(s) operated by the Mason Gross Extension Division of Rutgers University. I further agree that all such audio recordings, photos, or video recordings shall be the exclusive property of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and, subject to the limitations expressed below, I release and give Rutgers all rights of ownership and all rights to copy, publish, and use such audio recordings, photos, or video recordings. I acknowledge and agree that Rutgers may use any and all of the media for educational and promotional purposes, including but not limited to publication in brochures and other promotional materials and on the University's websites. I understand that Rutgers will not identify my child by name.

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