Stefanie Batten Bland

Stefanie Batten Bland's interdisciplinary creative practice is embedded in human relationships, the communicative choices we make, and how we fit into space and place. She interrogates the preconceived notions embedded within contemporary and historical culture and situates her work at the intersection of installation and dance theatre in live performance settings. 

Her own company, Company SBB, was founded in 2008 in France while Batten Bland was head choreographer at the Paris Opéra Comique under the direction of Jérôme Savary, so that she could impact her local and global community. Her social and philosophical messages are visceral and accessible to a diverse public, enabling people to embrace emotional content from a place of kinetic empathy. Her pieces are made in passionate response to global issues, commenting on what is and what could be with an optimistic belief in the common human community.

Batten Bland’s work has been seen in the United States, Europe and Asia. Her dances have been commissioned by TU Dance (Minneapolis/St Paul), Second Avenue Dance Company (New York City), Modlin Center for the Arts (Richmond, VA), Zenon Dance Company (Minneapolis, MN), Transitions Dance Company (London), Alvin Ailey ll Company (New York City), and Frontier Danceland (Singapore). While the majority of her creative efforts are committed to creating site-specific installations that unite dance with music and the visual arts, Batten Bland has created nine films that have been seen in international festivals in Europe, South America, the United States and South Africa. She has also choreographed outside of concert platforms for galas, publicity, and industrials such as Guerlain Perfumes, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, SYTYCD-Poland, and a French Presidential Gala.

Recent creative scholarship and academic residencies include: NYU Tisch School of The Arts, Indiana University, Oakland University, Wayne State University, Spelman College, Santa Fe College, University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Ohio University, Middle Tennessee State University, guest faculty at Ithaca College, and Rutgers University. 

Batten Bland currently performs for PunchDrunk, is a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University and is completing her MFA in interdisciplinary arts with a concentration in performance creation at Goddard College in Vermont. 

Batten Bland resides in SoHo, New York City, with her family.

Meet Stefanie Batten Bland.