New Lens Student Film Festival Winners Announced

The 2014 New Lens Student Film Festival has announced its winners. The showing featured original student work and occurred on May 6, at Nicholas Music Center. The awards included Best Documentary, Best Fiction, Best Animation, Best Film Bureau Editing Award, Best Fiction - Cinematography, Best Documentary - Cinematography, a special jury award and the Audience Award.

Winners include Jamie Deradorian-Delia, Sean Feuer and Stephanie Wong, The Skycatcher, for Best Documentary (1st Place); John Riggio, Galilee, for Best Fiction (1st Place); and Ezra Rahmey, My Grandpa: The 1st man in space, for Best Animation (1st Place). Irene Geller and Marina Lam's How to Kiss a Princess placed second for Best Animation, Austin Rourke's Wile placed second for Best Fiction, and Sean Feuer and Adam Nawrot's The Princess of Piombini placed second for Best Documentary. Jelan Coley won the Best Film Bureau Editing Award for My Day, while Adam Nawrot's Gaia won Best Documentary - Cinematography and Nick Andre's Far From the Tree won Best Fiction - Cinematography. Zack Morrison won the audience award for The Hot Seat, and Jesse Lucks won the special jury award, Best Animation, for Student Fears.
Visit the New Lens Student Film Festival page for a full list of participants.
Below are the videos available online:
Galilee John Riggio, Best Fiction - 1st Place
Gaia - Adam Nawrot, Best Documentary - Cinematography
How to Kiss a Princess - Irene Geller & Marina Lam, Best Animation - 2nd Place
Student Fears - Jesse Lucks, Best Animation - Special Jury Award
Wile Austin Rourke, Best Fiction - 2nd Place
The Hot SeatZack Morrison, Audience Award
Posted May 2014