New art minor available for fall

Mason Gross School of the Arts is delighted to announce a new option for School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) students wishing to pursue a minor in art, effective fall 2014.

The Visual Arts Department is responding to needs expressed by students in the university community for access to these foundations courses. Portfolio submission is not required for admission to the minor, and this option is open to all SAS students. To declare and maintain minor status, students must maintain a grade of C or better in their studio courses.

Space is currently available in the following fall 2014 sections:

VISUAL THINKING I-A (07:081:227) Section 9
Index 13763 meets F+S from 8:10 a.m to 11:10 a.m.

DRAWING FUNDAMENTALS A (07:081:121) Section 8
Index 21088 meets M+W from 6:10 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Art Minor Requirements
Students must complete a total of 22 credits in studio and art history classes. NOTE: Studio classes are 4-credit classes; art history and critical issues classes are 3 credits. The 16 studio credits must be completed at Mason Gross. Required courses are as follows:


  • Art History 105 (3 credits)
  • Art History 106 (3 credits)
  • Drawing Fundamentals A (4 credits)
  • Drawing Fundamentals B (4 credits)
  • Visual Thinking A or B (4 credits)
  • Drawing IIA: Figure Drawing (4 credits)

TOTAL: 22 credits

For details, click here or call 848-932-5210.

Posted August 2014