George Berger

George Berger has been a professional in the game design and entertainment industry since 2005, working for companies including Nickelodeon, Avalanche, Lego, Hot Topic, MTV, BET, Paramount, Publishers Clearing House and a long list of others. During his work he has gained an understanding of a wide variety of industries and the technology and design that goes into keeping them running, the primary one being the video games industry. In 2014 George began teaching at Rutgers and since then he has become an avid consumer of research and study in fields such as VR and digital communications, astronomy, space traavel and modern art. While working on the large scale simulator/game title 'Starfighter Inc.' he began fine tuning his research toward digital user experience and UI, aerospace technology and near future space travel tech development. Working with professionals in a number of fields George is committed to continually expanding his horizons so that he might craft reading materials and coursework that will do the same for students at Rutgers University.