Ekmeles Vocal Group performs Rutgers students' choral compositions

Ekmeles Vocal Group has been traveling the country performing new and little-known contemporary classical works and is now at Rutgers’ door, ready to take on the Music Department’s choral compositions. Rutgers composers will debut their efforts with the Ekmeles Vocal Group in a free concert on Saturday, October 26, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. in the Schare Recital Hall.

Graduate music student Liza Sobel enjoyed the challenge of composing for Ekmeles. “For me personally, writing for Ekmeles freed me compositionally,” Sobel says. “I didn't feel limited to compose only what the ensemble could handle because I knew that Ekmeles can handle anything and loves to perform challenging music.”

The concert will feature a selection of musical styles and experimental music. While Sobel says her piece uses “wine glasses filled with different levels of water that the performers hit with a knife to create another instrument,” another student “uses a pre-recorded electronic part … each of the six singers has their own electronic part that will play through their own personal speakers, creating a sort of stereophonic effect.” Sobel says these compositional choices will give the audience a diverse experience of challenging choral performances.

To learn more about the Ekmeles Vocal Group, please visit their website here. Members of Ekmeles have performed at major concert halls in New York City, such as Alice Tully, Avery Fisher, Carnegie Hall, Le Poisson Rouge and Roulette.

Posted October 2013