Visual Arts

Media Specialist

Damian Catera is an electro-acoustic composer/guitarist, sound-installation creator and media artist. Catera's work reflects interests in sound-based composition/improvisation, transmission, and sociopolitical critique. He has toured the United States and Europe twice and has also presented work in Latin America and Asia.

Associate Professor in Critical Studies

Associate Professor in Painting

Associate Professor in Design

Professor in Painting

Distinguished Professor in Visual Arts

Professor of Photography

Associate Professor in Print

Madsen is known for her works in installation, sculpture, photography, and video. Her vast collections of cast-off 20th-century industrial matter--spark plugs, machine parts, welding masks, light switches, rubber, plastic, prosthetics, artificial eyes, and much more–serve as fodder for her work depicting a voracious world gone awry.

Visiting Professor in Media

Associate Professor in Drawing; Department Undergraduate Director