07:557:202 Become Creator: Mutant Robot Scientists and Our Future Through Creativity

This course exposes students to the creative mindset through the work of artists and scientists who contributed to developments in biotechnology, the techno-human interface, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Examine how these artists and scientists follow intertwined paths to understanding with creative approaches to proceed with a vision; progressed by inquiry and imagination. Seek to create, define, and interpret the human experience, as you generate your own idea by utilizing the iterative process of imagining, creating, failing or succeeding, reflecting, and sharing.

Photo: Chrystelle Fontaine
This transgenic bunny was created as an experiment by artists, Eduarco Kac, but is she art or is she science? BioArt is a practice in which artists or scientists work with live tissues, living organisms and life processes. Using processes such as biotechnology, the art works are produced in laboratories, galleries, or artist studios. 

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