Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Visiting Students Taking Undergraduate Online Classes Through “School 80”

Are there any prerequisites for visiting students admitted to School  80?

  • Do these students have to be enrolled at another college outside of Rutgers (in a preceding semester) to be considered visiting?

                    No, they need not be enrolled at another school.

  • Are high school students restricted from School 80?

                    No, they are not restricted, but they must be qualified for the course.

  • Can Rutgers alumni return to School 80, or is it strictly non-Rutgers individuals?

                    Rutgers alumni are especially welcome to return to Rutgers in order to take courses.
Is admission to unit 80 only an option when admissions window is closed for Fall and Spring, or will it be an admissions option at any time?
School 80 does not offer degrees.  Therefore, students enrolled through it are not “admitted” to any school or program, nor are any promises of admission to matriculation for a degree inferred.  Students visiting Rutgers through School 80 are enrolled in courses only. With the increasing demands for maintaining competitive skills and knowledge in a rapidly evolving world, we recognize the need for adults to return to refresh their skills on a regular basis. What they are looking for often does not require completion of an entire degree but rather a variety of individual courses for professional development.

What is the tuition for enrolling in School 80?
Tuition charges can be found at

Are there any credit caps?
There are no credit caps at this time, though this policy is under review.

Is unit 80 considered a precursor to actual matriculation or non-matriculated status at other schools?
No. School 80 is simply a means for our public to enroll in a course or courses without being admitted to any particular program. Some of the School 80 students may subsequently decide to matriculate.  If they do so, they will need to apply to the School they are interested in and meet all appropriate admission requirements.

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