Iris Lana

Iris Lana has been an independent choreographer, movement designer for theatre and artistic dance director for many years. She holds a B.Mus from the Jerusalem Academy for Music where she teaches today courses in theory and history of dance. She earned her MA from the Interdisciplinary Arts program, at Tel-Aviv University and currently she is working on her PhD dissertation at Tel Aviv University. In the last couple of years, Lana has been the head of the Culture and Art council at the State of Israel's Lottery (the "Pais"). Together with Professor Rina Gluck she co-founded in 2009 the Oral History Project, documenting Israeli dance from its early days. Lana also served as the director of Batsheva Dance Company's archive project (2012-2015). Nowadays she is the director of the digitalizing project of Israeli Dance archival collections at the Israeli National Library.