07:203:130 Dance as Art: Discourse and Analysis Online

Dance as Art: Discourse & Analysis Online is an introduction to dance as an art form, wherein students study the historical, cultural, social and performative contexts of diverse dance forms. Students engage with aesthetic, theoretical, and scholarly discourses aimed at illuminating how dance functions as a form of communication and personal, aesthetic expression. In addition, students explore the ways in which dance both reflects and comments upon contemporary society. Students develop fundamental dance literacy through critical analysis of dance in live and recorded formats; identify aesthetic concepts and ideas through written and visual media; demonstrate comprehension in their utilization of dance vocabulary and terminology; discuss influential choreographers and genres of dance; and articulate critical conclusions about the reciprocal relationship between dance, the arts and societal concerns.

Learning Objectives:

• To develop the ability to perceive, analyze, describe, discuss, and understand dance as an art form across
cultures and forms.
• To identify and discuss the social, cultural and historical contexts of diverse dance forms.
• To define and describe the elements of dance composition.
• To demonstrate knowledge of influential choreographers and eras of dance.
• To articulate dance terminology and aesthetic concepts through both written and kinesthetic formats.
• To refine critical analytical skills through viewing dance in live and recorded formats and presenting
ideas in written and visual media.
Technology: Students must have access to a computer with Internet and email capability. Access to the internet
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course on any computer with internet, including those available to students at the University. Students must
have a functional Rutgers email account that is accessible daily.
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What is the workload in this course?
To be successful in this course you must:
• Submit all of the assignments on or before the required date and time. Late work will not be graded.
• Your writing assignments must reflect all the course materials (videos, lectures, readings) and
should answer all the required questions. NOTHING will replace completing the readings, watching the
videos, thinking through the questions at hand, and writing a thoughtful response.
Assignments and activities for the course consist of the following:
Course Lecture Content: Just as in a face to face course, you should plan 2 1/2 - 3 hours per week to read,
view, and take notes for the course. This is your means of "attending" the course and your best opportunity for
achieving the course learning goals. Additional weekly hours for homework are required.
Readings: Additional homework reading is assigned throughout the course. These readings contribute to your
learning, and it is expected that evidence from an assigned reading will appear in your submitted work for that
Writing: 4 Threaded Discussions, 2 Written Response Assignments, 3 Dance Analysis Assignments; 1 Live
Dance Observation Assignment, 2 Cultural Analysis Essays
Exams: 2 Multiple Choice Exams (NOTE: Your midterm exam will be proctored via Proctortrack with no
additional fee.)
Final Dance Analysis Paper
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