How to Apply

The 2014 application cycle has ended.




All applicants to Mason Gross School of the Arts must submit a formal application and fee through Rutgers University. University applications for new applicants, students who wish to reapply and current Rutgers students are available online here:

Rutgers University allows students to apply to three colleges within the university under one application and one application fee.  All admissions decisions are made independently for each school in which you apply, therefore admission or rejection to one will not effect a decision to another college at Rutgers.   

The Mason Gross Supplemental Application will be available no later than October 1, 2015 for students who have already applied to the university.  Typically 5 business days after submitting the university application (if submitted after October 1), applicants will receive an email invitation to complete the Mason Gross supplemental application. Upon completion of the supplemental application where they will be asked to answer specific information about their intended course of study and submit their portfolio or a request for their audition/interview date and location. 

Application Instructions/Requirements

For more specific application instructions and requirements please chose one of the following links below:

Talent Assessments - Auditions, Interviews and Portfolios

In addition to submitting your application, a portfolio, audition, or interview demonstrating your artistic talent is required for all applicants to Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Applicants to the BA programs in Dance and Visual Arts through the School of Arts and Sciences must also audition/submit a portfolio.  Applicants to the BA programs in Theater and Music are not required to audition.

More information on auditions and portfolio reviews can be found here: Auditions and Portfolio Reviews

Admissions decisions are made once your have submitted a complete application to the University and completed your talent assessment.

  • Visual Arts students should submit their portfolio online. CDs, DVDs, flash drives or hard copy portfolios will not be accepted.  Portfolio reviews are a closed process.  We do not conduct interviews. For more information on portfolio submissions click here: Visual Arts Portfolio Requirements.
  • Dance, Music and Theater majors will be invited to register for an audition after completing the Rutgers University application on the Mason Gross supplementary application. Audition dates can be found here: Audition/Interview Dates.

Enrollment Options

Fall Enrollment - all applications accepted

Spring Enrollment: Currently only School to School transfer students (students already enrolled in a Rutgers school or college in another major) in the visual arts major may apply to enter in the spring 2015 semester.