Portfolio Requirements


Applicants applying for the BFA Filmmaking program must first submit an official application. In addition to their Rutgers University application, applicants must submit the following:


A filmmaking portfolio showcasing artistic potential is required of all applicants. The filmmaking portfolio should include one of the following:

  • Short Film: Applicant may only submit one short film that can be a documentary, fiction and/or animation film, that does not exceed 10 minutes in length. The film must be a complete work. Videotaped stage readings and/or plays will not be accepted. Please make sure the video submission is playable.NOTE: Applicants should specify their specific role in the making of the sample provided.
  • Artistic Portfolio: Please submit 15 examples of your artwork (produced within the last two years) that reflect your accomplishments and emphasize your strengths. This is an edited collection of your artwork intended to showcase your area of interest, modes of expression and range of creativity. You may include a variety of media such as painting, observational drawing, photography, print, sculpture, or video work. Please be selective and show only your best work, and avoid cartoon action figures, monsters, graffiti art, cute pets, portraits drawn from photographs, and images of vacations in particular sunsets and flowers.

If you have questions about your filmmaking portfolio submission, please contact the Filmmaking department at 848-932-5245 or email Karina Daves, office manager and associate producer at kdaves@mgsa.rutgers.edu