Audition and Portfolio Information

In addition to your application to the university, a portfolio, audition, or interview demonstrating your artistic talent is required for all applicants to Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Each department and degree program has unique requirements and procedures for their talent assessments. Please click on the appropriate link below to carefully read the requirements which apply to your intended major: 

 Students applying to Dance, Music and Theater have the following options available to complete their audition:

LIVE On-Campus Auditions | LIVE Regional Auditions | Recorded Auditions 

LIVE On-Campus Auditions

Mason Gross hosts a number of auditions for Dance, Music and Theater applicants on Campus on designated dates.  Please refer to the Audition/Interview Dates link below for more information:

We strongly encourage you to audition in-person at Mason Gross whenever possible. However, we recognize that travel can be costly and also offer regional auditions and recorded auditions for certain majors.

LIVE Regional Auditions

A selection committee of faculty will be available at a number of audition sites around the country for our Theater applicants. Please review the  Theater Audition Info and Audition/Interview Dates for detailed information on your program.

Recorded Auditions

Whenever possible it is preferred and highly encouraged that all applicants audition for our faculty live on campus during the dates designated for their major and/or instrument. However, we realize that distance and scheduling may prevent some students from attending an on-campus audition.  

It is important that applicants make sure recordings are of the best possible quality in both sound and picture, with appropriate lighting and following any specific requirements set by your major of interest/instrument.  Any recording submitted that is of poor quality may result in an unfavorable review by our faculty. 

Instructions and links to submit recordings are sent to applicants once their Mason Gross Supplemental Application is submitted online along with the talent assessment fee. 

Only certain departments will accept recorded auditions, and some require pre-screening recordings in order to be granted live/on-campus auditions. Please refer to the department to which you are applying below to see if they accept recorded auditions:

  • DANCE: Recorded video auditions accepted only if the student lives out-of-state and is granted special permission by the department. All applicants submitting a recording must still fill out the Mason Gross Supplemental application and pay the $40 audition fee online or by check/money order mailed independently if submitting online.  Please visit the Dance Audition Requirements web page for more information.
  • MUSIC: Recorded auditions only accepted for certain instruments. Pre-screening recordings are required for all MM, DMA and ADPL applicants in voice and solo piano. Music students submitting a recorded audition must still complete a supplemental Mason Gross Application form and pay the $75 audition fee online or by check/money order mailed independently if submitting online. Please visit the Music Audition and the Dates and Deadlines pages for more information.
  • THEATER: Recorded auditions are not accepted. All theater applicants must audition/interview LIVE or at a REGIONAL site.

Instructions on how to submit your recording online will be emailed to you once your application is received.