Peter Toth


Hungarian pianist Péter Tóth is one of the most recognized artists of his generation. Tóth has concertized in most countries in Europe, including Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. In addition, Tóth has performed in Japan, South Korea, Peru, Costa Rica, China, Australia, and the United States. 


As a competitor, Tóth has won top prizes at numerous piano competitions, such as the American Paderewski Piano Competition (2013), the Franz Liszt International Piano and Voice Competition in Los Angeles (2010), and the Franz Liszt International Piano Competitions in Budapest (2001) and Weimar (2000). Tóth’s first released CD recording won the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Liszt Society (2006). Tóth also won a special award for the best performance of a major romantic work by his outstanding interpretation of Brahms’s First Piano Sonata at the Southern Highland International Piano Competition in Australia (2011). In 2013, Tóth retired from competing, dedicating himself entirely to the concert stage.


Tóth is a regular guest artist at various piano festivals, such as the ALS Festival in San Francisco and the Festival Musique en Vallée du Tarn in France.  In addition, Tóth was invited to serve on the jury panel of the Franz Liszt International Piano and Voice Competition in Los Angeles (2014), and Tóth also adjudicated at the Liszt-Garrison International Piano competition in Baltimore in October, 2015. Tóth has been member of the American Liszt Society since 2011.


Tóth has lived in the United States since 2009. Tóth has recently earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance at The University of Texas at Austin. Tóth’s scholarly activities have included the investigation of the progressive harmonic language of Franz Liszt’s piano music. In addition, Tóth is interested in the research of symmetry in late nineteenth-and early twentieth-century music. Tóth’s scientific work, “Symmetrical Pitch Constructions in the Piano Works of Franz Liszt”, was published in the spring of 2016.


In spite of being a strong advocate of Franz Liszt’s music, Tóth has a wide and diverse repertoire, ranging from J.S. Bach to contemporary music, with a particular focus on the piano music of the 19th century. Tóth is an enthusiastic interpreter of the works of Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, and Brahms.