Mason Gross Extension Division Recitals and Concerts

Recital guidelines (for students and faculty) | faculty recital preference form (for faculty) | repertoire submission form (for faculty) | Need an accompanist? 

Fall 2018 Student Recital Information (schedule, locations, and parking)

  • STUDENT RECITAL SCHEDULES, LOCATIONS, AND PARKING (to be updated in December 2018): please find assigned recital dates, times and locations in this document. For studios with multiple recital dates, please confirm your particular performance date with your teacher. 

Concert programs

  • Drafts of concert programs will be posted here.  Changes may be requested using the change request form (below) up to one week prior to the performance date.  After that date, changes to the program will be announced from the stage, but will not be printed in the program itself.
  • Program drafts will be posted as they are created. 

Programs for review:

  • None at present time.


Change request form

  • Click here to request changes to your concert program. 


Accompanist Requests

  • Accompanist requests for the Fall 2018 Recitals are accepted up to 3 weeks prior to the concert date. 
  • An accompanist will be assigned after the invoice is paid. Rehearsal time will be scheduled once the invoice is paid in full. 
  • Once the invoice has been paid, our office will identify a suitable accompanist. 
  • Students will be informed of their accompanist and may proceed to schedule their rehearsal time. 
  • Studio instructors will be informed of their accompanist and should be in contact with her/him to discuss repertoire and to provide information about the students they will accompany.
Individual students wishing to book an accompanist
  • Individual students who wish to engage an accompanist should contact Abigail Harriman ( to purchase the service of an accompanist. 
  • The rate is $75 for a 30-minute rehearsal and the recital itself.
  • The student must pay their invoice before an accompanist will be assigned.
  • The rehearsal may take place just prior to the recital, or, by arrangement with the accompanist, during your lesson time. 
  • The coordination of rehearsal time should occur between the student (or student’s parents) and the accompanist.  The Extension Division office is not responsible for working out student-accompanist rehearsal schedules. 

Recital guidelines for performers and families

Overview: Recitals are important opportunities for students to perform for an audience.  At the Extension Division, we view student recitals as an opportunity to celebrate student achievement. All private music (voice and instrumental) students are encouraged but not required to participate.  Recitals are not adjudicated or graded. Recitals are held at the conclusion of fall and spring semesters, but not at the conclusion of our summer semester.

Duration and location: Recitals are typically 45-60 minutes in duration and are held on campus at performance venues located on our Douglass Campus (Schare Recital Hall located in the Marryott Music Building, or Shindell Choral Hall located in Robert E. Mortensen Hall).  We also hold recitals at the Zimmerli Art Museum's Lower Dodge Gallery.  

Repertoire: Students are invited to perform two selections on a program that will oftentimes feature a variety of instrumental and voice students. Specific selections and style of selections are decided by the teacher and student together.  We encourage diversity of styles, repertoire, instruments or voice, and studios to be represented in our concert programs.  This provides audience members and performers with the opportunity to broaden their own listening experience. 

Attire: Nice casual or formal attire (depending on the student's own preference) is appropriate.  Outfits of all black attire or a mix of black and white are traditional but not required. Nice casual attire is defined as follows:

  • Boys and men:  slacks (not jeans or shorts), shoes (not sneakers or sandals), shirt (not t-shirt or polo).  Tie and/or jacket is optional.
  • Girls and ladies: slacks, dress, or blouse (please avoid jeans or short skirts), appropriate shoes (not sneakers), shirt (not t-shirt or polo)

Images & video: You are invited to record recital performances. Please do not post images of students other than your own children unless you have permission from those included in the media you wish to post. Please avoid tripod setups that block the view of others or that block a walkway.  

Applause:  Please applaud for each performer as s/he takes the stage.  Please applaud again once all selections listed on a concert program have been performed.  

Receptions:  Weekday evening recitals are not followed by receptions.  Weekend recitals are followed by potluck receptions.  Each family should bring a food item (chips, baked goods, fruit, veggies, etc...).  The Extension Division will supply plates, flatware, and drinks.  

Planning your recital performance:

  • At the start of each semester, please inform your instructor of your intention to perform on a recital at the end of the semester.  This will help your instructor to prepare you for your recital performance.
  • Working with your instructor, select appropriate repertoire and establish benchmarks for your preparation over the course of the semester.
  • We suggest that you track your practice time on a weekly basis (create a practice journal or use a form similar to the one we use for our Honors Recital Practice Challenge). 
  • Plan to practice performing your recital repertoire for family and friends throughout the semester, but especially within 2-3 weeks of your recital date.
  • Your instructor will select a recital date. S/he will typically work with you and other students to arrive at a mutually agreeable recital date.  Your instructor will confirm your final recital assignment with you.  This typically occurs about 4 weeks into the semester.
  • Your instructor will submit your recital repertoire to the Extension Division.
  • Drafts of the concert program prepared by the Extension Division will be posted on this webpage for your review.  
  • Change requests may be made up to one week prior to the recital performance date using the supplied form (found on this webpage). 
  • Changes made within one week of the recital will be announced from the stage but not included in the printed concert program.
  • Please arrive ready to perform 20-30 minutes prior to your concert. 
  • All recitals are free and open to the public.  Bring friends!
  • Special event parking arrangements will be shared with you prior to the recital so you can inform your guests where they may park free of charge.  Please only park in lots identified as available for your event.  Otherwise, your guests may be ticketed.